I’m so irritated.

I absolutely hate it when guys get upset if I don’t like them or when I stop talking to them because they want something from me I’m not willing to give.

Like when they talk to me I’m this amazing beautiful girl but the second I stop talking to them I turn into this dumb slut who isn’t “even all that”.

Like damn bitch my bad I don’t like you but doesn’t mean you have to talk shit.

I don’t understand why guys think they are entitled to having me if they like me. Like I have no say in it.

If I don’t like a guy for whatever reason they should respect that rather than trying to convince me otherwise. What’s worse is when they make it seem like they never cared or they just start trying to degrade me.

Whatever. I know what I want and I know who I want to be with. If people are offended or hurt I don’t give a shit.

My happiness is what matters, not theirs.

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I woke up single. Went to bed with a new boyfriend.

Ayyyeeee (;


On a serious note. This guy is really sweet and even tho it happened pretty fast I’m still really happy.
Let’s see how things unfold.

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Why am I upset over someone I don’t even know!!

Omg. I hate myself :(

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I saw the cutest guy at school today.

We kept smiling at each other but I was to shy to say hello.

Now I know what regret feels like.

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Where did all my beautiful new followers come from omg!!

Hi guys!!! 

Come talk to me, I’m nice :D 

And thanks for following! I hope you enjoy my blog< 3

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You’re dating a model….

Please explain to me why you’re talking to me….

She’s a model…..I’m not.

I honestly don’t understand why you would jeopardize your model girlfriend for me.

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I want someone beautiful to be in love with me.

Looks matter a lot to me. My happiness is more important than what society deems acceptable.

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I hate everyone.
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I’m just trynna get it in!!!
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That’s blonde girl was so gorgeous last night!!! Ugh 😔

She was really drunk tho 😒

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