Why am I upset over someone I don’t even know!!

Omg. I hate myself :(

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Where did all my beautiful new followers come from omg!!

Hi guys!!! 

Come talk to me, I’m nice :D 

And thanks for following! I hope you enjoy my blog< 3

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You’re dating a model….

Please explain to me why you’re talking to me….

She’s a model…..I’m not.

I honestly don’t understand why you would jeopardize your model girlfriend for me.

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I want someone beautiful to be in love with me.

Looks matter a lot to me. My happiness is more important than what society deems acceptable.

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I hate everyone.
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That’s blonde girl was so gorgeous last night!!! Ugh 😔

She was really drunk tho 😒

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I’m so over everyone.

All the people I thought meant something to me don’t mean shit. I’m better off alone and I need to keep it that way. I’m tired of everyone and their bullshit and I’m tired of being nice to people that don’t care how they make me feel.

Being a bitch is the best way to keep myself from getting hurt.

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But you called her ugly

And now your thirsty ass is after her! Ok then.
Trust me I’ll make you wish you never met me sweetheart. I’m not one to fuck with.
If making each other jealous is your game best believe I already won.
Good luck trying to replace me bitch.

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We finally have our own home.

My mom and I were going through some really rough times this past year, probably the lowest we have ever been through and it finally ended today. After months and months of looking for the perfect place we finally found it. Two days into the new year and things are already turning around for us. I’m so excited to finally be moving into our own home. I know it won’t be easy but we can do it. I’m there too support her and help her with whatever she needs. This year is going to be amazing I just know it.

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I got attached. I don’t like this. :’(

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Finally someone new!!

This guy is a total cutie!! Ugh! It’s only been a day and a half and I already have the biggest crush. He has the sweetest smile and he’s constantly making me laugh.
Buff, with tattoos, good sense of humor, and he’s HOT!! What else could I ask for. I can’t wait to get to know him more. I’m really excited about him :D

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Ok so,

There is a picture of my legs on Tumblr with over 3,000 notes and I have yet to see it on my dash. But the day I find it will be the happiest day of my Tumblr life.

P.s. Am I Tumblr famous yet? :/

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Someone just straight up told me they think I’m a slut.

Ok then. You’re still irrelevant to my life.


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No one ever sends me questions.

I hate all of you!!!!!


But you guys do suck. -____-

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