I woke up single. Went to bed with a new boyfriend.

Ayyyeeee (;


On a serious note. This guy is really sweet and even tho it happened pretty fast I’m still really happy.
Let’s see how things unfold.

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Why am I upset over someone I don’t even know!!

Omg. I hate myself :(

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I saw the cutest guy at school today.

We kept smiling at each other but I was to shy to say hello.

Now I know what regret feels like.

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Where did all my beautiful new followers come from omg!!

Hi guys!!! 

Come talk to me, I’m nice :D 

And thanks for following! I hope you enjoy my blog< 3

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You’re dating a model….

Please explain to me why you’re talking to me….

She’s a model…..I’m not.

I honestly don’t understand why you would jeopardize your model girlfriend for me.

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I want someone beautiful to be in love with me.

Looks matter a lot to me. My happiness is more important than what society deems acceptable.

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I hate everyone.
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I’m just trynna get it in!!!
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That’s blonde girl was so gorgeous last night!!! Ugh 😔

She was really drunk tho 😒

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Show me your boobs.
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