Definitely not a good night for me :’(
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I keep spending money on makeup I don’t need.
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I hate that I have no friends.

Ever since my ex boyfriend and I broke up last year I’ve slowly lost all the friends I had when I was with him. And I hate it. I have no one now.

At times like this I really wish I had someone to talk to about how I feel.

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Am I too sexual?

Like is my blog to sexual??

Cuz if it is I don’t really give a fuck. But I just notice that when I post a lot of porn pictures, pictures of boobs or just naked girls I lose a few followers.

Oh well. You people need to appreciate the beauty of sex. Even dirty sex is great.

But I suppose if you’re not into sex then my blog probably isn’t for you lol

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My boyfriend looked so good tonight.

I swear I’m so lucky 😍😍

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I’m offended.

My ex boyfriend just texted me if he could come over tmr to have sex with me one more time.

I’ve never felt so disrespected.

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Hennessy ❤

Isn’t it funny how people just come into your life. Going to work that day I never would have thought that I would meet someone. Especially not a costumer. But I did. And he’s kind of special now. 

It’s crazy how fast someone could take over your thoughts. I find myself smiling at random thinking of the few times we’ve hung out. It’s constant laughter with him. I feel like I’m back in high school listening to all these love songs and thinking of him. (cheesy I know)

It’s nice hanging out with someone who loves making you feel good. He is always complementing me and trying to make me feel better about myself which I absolutely love. And I also love that he invites me to go out with his brother and his girlfriend. They’re funny and they really make me feel like a part of their tiny group. 

Even though what I have now is a bit of an infatuation, I can tell it can grow into something deeper. And even though I have been wrong before, I can tell I found something good with this guy. 

It’s too soon to tell but I know this is going to blossom into something beautiful. At least I hope it does. *knocks on wood*

I’ve been living a really destructive lifestyle lately and even though I know I’m the only person that has the power to help me, this guy will make it that much easier for me to give up all my bad habits. 

I’m hopeful. 

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My best friends approve of him!

Well they approve of him physically at least. Which I wasn’t tooooo worried about. He is a really attractive guy (;

Now they just need to get to know him which will probably happen soon. I hope :D

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I’ll admit.

I never should have agreed to be his girlfriend.
But oh well. Life is about taking risks and I took one. Now that’s it’s done and over with and I’ve had my good time and learned a good lesson. I need to focus on someone that will benefit my life and that is able to bring something to the relationship.

In all fairness he was an ok guy. But being with someone who has no life aspirations, lacks motivation, has no real depth to him and that judges the way I look just isn’t healthy.

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Last night

Was a very interesting night. I never would have thought that going into work I would end the night at a bar with some really chill people.

I have really grown to love meeting new people. I can honestly say that my life is very blessed right now.

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If I could have anyone.

I think I would chose him.

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Oh you wanna hang up on me.

One of the biggest mistakes you will ever make.

Enjoy being ignored ya bissshhhh!

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I’m so irritated.

I absolutely hate it when guys get upset if I don’t like them or when I stop talking to them because they want something from me I’m not willing to give.

Like when they talk to me I’m this amazing beautiful girl but the second I stop talking to them I turn into this dumb slut who isn’t “even all that”.

Like damn bitch my bad I don’t like you but doesn’t mean you have to talk shit.

I don’t understand why guys think they are entitled to having me if they like me. Like I have no say in it.

If I don’t like a guy for whatever reason they should respect that rather than trying to convince me otherwise. What’s worse is when they make it seem like they never cared or they just start trying to degrade me.

Whatever. I know what I want and I know who I want to be with. If people are offended or hurt I don’t give a shit.

My happiness is what matters, not theirs.

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